Your Green Party Candidates for the 2015 Elections

Thursday the 7th May 2015 arguably saw the biggest day ever for the Leicester Green Party (LGP) when there were general, mayoral and local elections, all on the same day. Details of our Candidates that stood in these elections follow this summary text:

The disappointment was in the local elections for Castle Ward, where we had hoped to get Mags Lewis elected (she missed out by only 200 votes). Mags, along with fellow Castle candidates Hannah and Chris, greatly increased the number of Green votes from previous local elections.

Our expectation is that we lost out due to the co-incidence of the local elections with the national elections this time around (which only happens every 20 years). This always has the effect of encouraging local concerns to be swamped by national voting tendencies. Otherwise, we were very pleased with our performance!

All across the city we increased our vote count in almost all wards. Since we already fielded more candidates than ever before, we easily broke the record for number of Green votes cast in Leicester council elections. Similarly in the Mayoral election and the MP elections, we increased our share of the vote across the board.

We did respectably in Market Harborough and North West Leicestershire, despite these being new areas for us. In the city we beat our previous best vote shares in all 3 MP constituencies. We came 4th in all 3 areas (beating the Lib Dems) and retained our deposit in 2 of them.

In the Mayoral election we also came in ahead of the Lib Dems and also retained our deposit. This is a credit to all of our members who gave up their time to passionately and reliably get the Green message across to the electorate.

The fact that 15,000 people voted for us suggests that 15,000 people want the City Council to do more to reduce social inequality and take action on the environment and it would be nice if the Labour Party remembers this.


Our Green Candidates Who stood in 2015


Our Castle Ward candidates for the City Council in May 2015:


Mags Lewis


Mags Lewis is the Leicester Green Party membership secretary and campaigner, local resident and parent. Mags has been an active member of the local Party for eight years. She continues to be involved with local issues, such as the No Tesco campaign on Clarendon Park Road, and the Friends of Victoria Park.

Contact Mags directly:

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Hannah WakleyCASTLE WARD

Hannah Wakley has been campaigning on local environmental issues for six years with Leicester Friends of the Earth and now also with Leicester Green Party. She helped to form Healthy Air Leicester and Leicestershire, a campaign group calling for more action on air pollution.

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CASTLE WARDChris Williams

Chris Williams is a Senior Lecturer in history who works for the Open University. He first arrived in Leicester in 1991 and has since lived in Belgrave, St Matthews and now Highfields. He's been a passive member of the Green Party for some years but decided to get more active after getting angry about air quality. He also fondly remembers the party after the count when the Greens last won seats in Castle ward!

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Leicester Mayoral Candidate 2015


Mags LewisTim Grayson, we are pleased to announce, is the Green Party candidate for Mayor of Leicester in the upcoming elections.  Given the much publicised surge in Green Party support recently, it is expected that he will put up a strong challenge to Sir Peter Soulsby. Tim has launched a great #GreenMayor site:

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General Election Candidates 2015


Pete Hague


Pete Hague is 34 years old and has put himself forward in these elections because, he says, “I want to challenge the narrative of austerity that is accepted by all the main parties. Our society consumes increasing natural resources, destroys more of the environment every year, and yet cannot provide a decent standard of living for everybody.”

Contact Pete directly:

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Nimit Jethwa


Nimit Jethwa believes that politcs in the UK has overwhelmingly broken down and that, instead of representng the ordinary people, politcians today have chosen to side with vested interests and proft making. This is the fundamental reason why Nimit joined the Greens, believing it to be, “...a party funded by the people, run by regular people, for the people and the common good. It's everything politcs should be about and what politcians should stand for.” 

Contact Nimit directly:

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Gabby Garcia


Gabby Garcia has been a member of the Green Party since 2013. Born in the UK, Gabby moved to Leicester in 2010 and is a consultant Project Manager working for well-known retail brands in and around the East Midlands. Gabby lives just outside the city with her long-term partner and her cat, Doris. Apart from her political interests, she spends her spare time trying to grow vegetables (usually unsuccessfully!) and cycling.

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Darren Woodiwiss


Darren Woodiwiss is a resident of Market Harborough, where he lives with his wife and 3 children. In 2007, he co-founded Transition Town Market Harborough1 and, through this group, has been actively promoting the goal of sustainability. Darren initiated the bid process that led to the award of £1 million to run a sustainability project know as “Sustainable Harborough2” and he is a voluntary director of two not-for-profit companies spawned from this project, called “edibLE16”3 and “Harborough Energy”.

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Darren Woodiwiss

North-West Leicestershire

Benjamin Gravestock has been selected as the Green Party candidate for the constituency, and will be standing in May’s election. The son of a recently-retired Measham GP and Leicestershire nurse, Benjamin grew up in Ashby de la Zouch and has a very strong connection to the area. After attending ‘Burton Road’ (Ashby C of E Primary), Ivanhoe College, and Ashby Grammar School, he then lived and worked in Ashby before moving to study in Birmingham in 2005.

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