Here you can find letter posted from Green Party members/candidates.


Mags Lewis (13/11/19)

Dear Adam,

You might be aware that, in the absence of many councillors other than labour in the city, the Green Party is trying to ensure a level of scrutiny where we possibly can, as absolute power benefits no one. We’ve a few questions coming out of the heritage meeting, but linked also to transport, so felt you might be the best starting point for answers?

We read the figure for visitors to Leicester , and felt that  eleven million visitors seems very high.  That is 30,000 visitors per day, 365 days a year.  

May we ask a question as to how these figures are arrived at and what they include.  Do they include people from outside the city visiting cinemas, Curve etc or family visits? Is there a break down available for what type of visitor they are, where they live, or to what type of venue they are  going to, and how they travel, and what barriers there are for them to cycle or travel by bus etc?

Indeed does it include those working in the city who live in the county?

Also what does 30,000 people coming into the city every day do to the environment, either air quality or climate change. 

11 million visits annually required good transport systems across city and county NSEW. Well funded and thought out affordable and reliable bus services 7 days a Week are needed by these people. Can we also ask where we are with the bus service act action plan, and ask for specific examples of how this 2017 act has been utilised by lcc, and improved services? If there are no examples, why not, over two years after the act?

Best wishes 

Mags lewis 

Leicester Green Party