Going Backwards on Climate

20 May 2016

On Saturday 7th May, members and supporters of Leicester Green Party organised a march through the city centre to protest against the government's record on climate change over the past 12 months.

the marchers AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGESince May 2015 clean energy technology has been sidelined in favour of a dash for gas, insulation has been cut and fracking, roads and runways pushed through despite strong local opposition. This government have spent their first year going backwards on climate change.

We simply haven't got time to go backwards on climate change. To make the point, we carried a model fracking rig and a model wind turbine. At the end of the march, we collapsed the fracking rig and erected the wind turbine, to demonstrate the energy future we want to see.

Mags Lewis of Leicester Green Party and Kat Boettge of East Midlands Green Party both spoke and over 50 people attended.


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