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Green Party Candidate, Aasiya Bora, is up for election as a North Evington Ward Councillor

Aasiya Bora, Green Party candidate

Residents of Leicester’s North Evington ward will be voting for a new councillor in a by-election on 6th May. The Green Party’s candidate is Aasiya Bora.

My name is Aasiya Bora, and I live and work in Leicester with my family. A twice daily walk across Spinney Hill Park was part of my journey to school as I grew up, and it was around this time, reading and watching anything by David Attenborough as a family, that my love for Nature was formed.

I know we can do better for everyone in North Evington and Leicester and that no one benefits from the monopoly on power Labour have in the city. We need new ideas and local voices addressing issues like investment in public housing, affordable buses, safer cycling, and a planet protected from a Climate Emergency.

Are marginalised voices being heard? Are people in insecure accommodation being given enough guidance and support? Will air quality be tracked and monitored? These are some of the questions I want to bring to the table as a parent and citizen, to create a better society with people at the centre

Standing for the Green Party and giving everyone in my ward the chance to engage and vote for local investment and long term wellbeing is vital. I know the hunger for a sustainable future that exists in Leicester. Green grassroots organisations are taking root, young people want their futures shaped by people who think beyond self-serving short termism, and all of us need these concerns mirrored at a civic level.

These are some of the reasons I’m standing as the Green Party candidate for North Evington ward in by-election on 6th May 2021.

3 thoughts on “Green Party Candidate, Aasiya Bora, is up for election as a North Evington Ward Councillor

  1. I will fly from the U.S. to accomplish the almost impossible task of becoming a British citizen (my people were part of the Great Puritan Migration from East Anglia) so I can vote for Aasia Bora.

  2. We’re so lucky to have Aasiya as our candidate in the coming election, as she will bring a much needed fresh perspective on local issues and the climate emergency tp the council.

  3. As agent for Aasiya Bora in the by – Election I admired the way she conducted herself as a candidate with a thoughtful, considered & agenda setting campaign:
    third place is a good result for the Green Party.

    Campaign for justice continues
    Bob Ball
    Leicester Green Party

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