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Leicester Green Party


A warm welcome to all new and current members in Leicester City and Leicestershire and especially to those of you that are thinking of joining or volunteering for our growing party.

Leicester Green Party ManifestoLeicester Green Party Manifesto

Here is our current local manifesto, last revised for the city council elections in 2015. We will be revising it again for the 2019 elections. It draws on the national Green Party manifesto but has a local focus. 

Get involved in Leicester and Leicestershire!

Become a member

One of the best ways to support the party is to register to become a member of the Green Party. This is quick and simpe done online and there are special rates for low-waged and joint membership. You  will have membership for both National and your Local Party and will receive members newsletters by email.

Volunteer locally

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with leafleting and canvassing, starting ASAP in the Castle Ward area. If you are able to give any amount of your time, from just displaying a poster to door knocking, then please volunteer online now and we will be in touch very soon - Thank you!

Donate to help get Greens elected locally

You can donate to your local party in a number of ways - Please support Leicester Green Party and go to our donations page now!

Keep in touch with Greens in Leicester

If you would like to be kept up to date with our ongoing activities, but would not like to become a member yet, then you can do a number of things:

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