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Leicester Green Party goes litter picking

The Covid-19 lockdown has meant that the Leicester Green Party, along with everyone except our amazing key workers, have been unable to carry out any of our usual activities. 

As lockdown eased, we wanted to get back out and help our local communities. A litter pick is an accessible and practical activity which would take us outside and be of benefit to local people. We recieved a comment from a resident in the Saffron Ward. They told us about litter scattered across green spaces in the area and we decided that this would be an excellent place to start.  

Members of the Leicester Green Party met on Saturday 12th June and quickly split into two teams. One group started on Grampian Close and went onto the Washbrook nature park area. 

The second picked up litter on Elston Fields Recreation Ground. 

Within the hour we had collected 6 bags of litter, including a 14-year-old Walkers Steak and Onion packet, found embedded in the mud in the meadow of Neston nature garden. 

A member of our team has written to the Leicester Mercury and we have tried to raise the issue with Walkers. Please see our recent ‘letters to the press’

As lockdown gradually eases across the United Kingdom the Leicester Green Party will continue to get out and help our local communities.  

If you have any queries or suggestions of actions we can undertake or issues that need to be highlighted please get in contact. 

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