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Leicester Greens are fighting the latest city council by-election

A by-election has arisen for a Councillor in the Humberstone and Hamilton Ward, due to the death of Councillor John Thomas. It’s a three-seat council ward with two Labour Councillors in post. 

Our candidate is active local community campaigner and environmental activist, Pam Bellinger.  

Here is Pam’s personal statement to the voters of Humberstone & Hamilton.


Hi. My name is Pam Bellinger. I am a mother of four, a grandmother of three and a Morris dancer. I am also a part time vegetable grower and a shop worker. I am a trained admin, I have run pubs and I have experience of being at the heart of local communities. I have worked in Humberstone and across the city in cooperative, social enterprises which priortise people and their well-being. 

Our area needs to be given a greater priority by Leicester City Council. The physical and mental health of disadvantaged residents must be put above the demand to build on our green space. We need our places to play, exercise, meet our neighbours and enjoy nature. We need air that is not polluted by more and more cars.  

I have started a campaign to stop Moorfields and Netherhall fields being built on. The Council must ensure new housing is built on wasteland and former industrial sites before development on our green space is even considered. 

Over the past few years I have been learning how the council works. I have engaged with meetings and consultations and worked with Leicester residents concerned about the climate emergency.  

I respectfully ask the residents of Humberstone and Hamilton to vote for me as your new city councillor. 

I promise to fight your corner, to fight for improved safety on our roads and for a better quality of life. I will fight to protect your neighbourhood from unnecessary housing development. 

I have the time, the good health and the commitment to work for my community. Leicester City Council has been dominated by one party for over a decade and lacks sufficient scrutiny of its policies. An independent Green councillor will help enhance the council, particularly in headlining the climate emergency  

To get involved with the Leicester Green Party please get in contact. 

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