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The forgotten risks of ‘colourful crossings’

The link below will send you to a letter to Government ministers from The Access Association. They state the forgotten risks of the colourful street crossings that are growing in popularity.

Sections of our society are being ignored in this rush for whimsy in city centres. The crossing’s inconsistency affects the confidence of both those crossing the road and those using the road.

Those with issues varying from visual impairment and visual hypersensitivity, dementia, learning difficulties, hallucinatory conditions, and conditions affecting balance (to name a few) have reported problems using these new crossing points.

A beautiful city is a lovely and important objective, however it should not be at the expense of vulnerable members of our society. Roads, for example, need to be consistent and clear in their markings.

Have you found issues with these colourful crossings in Leicester? If so, please get in contact. 

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